The Gift of Qi - Soulful Qigong

Saturday Practice

Saturday Practice at the Park


9:00 am -† 10:00 am

Addenbrooke Park


600 S. Kipling St.

Lakewood, CO 





Steve and Isabelle are happy to  offer FREE practice in the park every  Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Come and join us to practice this ancient healing art that is Qigong in this beautiful park setting,  connecting with Nature at its best, filling our lungs with fresh air and communing with the birds and other wild life around the lake!  Itís magical!

Our free park practice offering is our way to pay it forward to the community† !

Masks are optional.  Appropriate and respectful safety precautions are† recommended.††† Come and enjoy some fresh air and community!

Qigong in the park† -† April 2022