Steve Bradley began formal study of qigong and meditation in 1975. Accredited by three international teachers, he has taught at health clinics, hospitals, universities, schools, community centers, and qigong conferences throughout the United States. He is accomplished in several qigong forms, meditative techniques, and External Qi Healing. 


Qi is your Gift from the Universe

and Qigong opens this Gift

He has a national certification in High Touch Jin Shin acupressure and as a meditation leader. Steve continues his teaching and life long study of qigong while being an active presenter at numerous workshops and national qigong conferences.

The Gift Of Qi

Qigong is cultivating the energy of life through posture, breath, movement, intention, and sound. Life energy or qi is gathered, cleansed, and circulated to prevent illness and improve health. Qigong is also a spiritual practice because it cultivates awareness and harmony with nature.

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